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Wood Street enchanted Regina Margherita HOSPITAL

After much waiting, one of the greatest works of art ever made for a hospital came to Regina Margherita of Turin. It is called “Via del Bosco Incantato” and it was created thanks to donations collected by the IO STO CON IL REGINA MARGHERITA ONLUS association. Donations that allowed to decorate about 140 square meters of the walls and windows of the acceptance area, thus transformed into a naturalistic and spring landscape, populated by cute little animals. The whole work was designed, created and painted by SILVIO IRILLI, the Italian artist who painted the ceiling of the largest aquarium in the world: the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, USA. IRILLI, with its project www.ospedalidipinti.it, is transforming the departments of Italian hospitals. Entering the Queen Margherita acceptance area will no longer be the same as before. Today, Via del Bosco Incantato gives a sense of lightness and serenity, you have the feeling of entering a park of fantasy, full of colors, characters and magic.