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Silvio Irilli con il Prof. Valentini

“You see things as they are and you wonder why?

I dream of things that have never been and I wonder “why not”!

Thank you for making a “why not” in a ‘work of art’.

Silvio Irilli e Lorella Cuccarini

“Beaches, rainbows, sea and a pirate galleon: it’s not a fairy tale, but the theme of the drawings that decorate the walls of the new radiotherapy department. Because the hours in the ward can be less difficult and the little patients and their families can live with greater serenity the delicate moments of the therapies. Thanks Silvio Irilli “.

LORELLA CUCCARINI witness and founding member of the Association Trenta Ore for Life onlus

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“With the sounds and the sounds of the sea, radiotherapy in Salerno will be less scary. Thanks to your touch of hand Silvio Irilli, for young patients it will be like being surrounded by dolphins, turtles, fish and corals. My wish, my hope is that by imagining that you are in another dimension, the therapies will face each other better and with a smile on their lips “.

RITA SALCI (President of the Association thirty hours for life onlus)

Dott. Giuseppe Scimone

“Silvio, thanks on behalf of all the Radiotherapy and all our children, for making a cool and technological place like the bunker alive and imaginative. Even for us operators it will be more reassuring to enter the bunker and be accompanied by many dolphins, who will become our friends day after day “.

Dr. Giuseppe Scimone (Resp. Pediatric Radiotherapy Hospital of Salerno)

Irilli con il Prof. Cellini

“The enchantment that one feels at the sight of his Works is equal to the experience of how the intuition of an Artist knows how to make communion to realize a common dream”

Prof. Numa Cellini (Oncological Radiotherapy Gemelli Policlinico Hospital - Rome)

Roberta Bona

“We of the non-profit organization I stay with the Queen Margherita, we had a wish: to be able to accompany and reassure all the children in their first impact with the Hospital. We are convinced that we have granted it by giving them the magic of the colors of Silvio Irilli. The flowering avenues of the Enchanted Wood, populated by tender animals, stimulate the imagination of children and transport them to a fairy world, more reassuring and serene. It helps them keep on dreaming “.

Roberta Bona (I am with the Regina Margherita Onlus Association)

“First of all I want to congratulate you, you are exceptional! Then I thank you very much because with your works you have made my radiotherapy at Gemini more serene, looking at the wonderful colors of the landscapes, the beauty of the subjects … You know very important the context in which you face the disease, your works, at least for my experience, help to make positive thinking, fundamental in these circumstances. A sincere hug and thank you again! “

Maria (Gemelli Policlinico Hospital Patient - GEMELLI ART - Rome)

Silvio Irilli con Anna Maria Alfani
“Dear Silvio, you managed to build a path of reassuring images, using art as a sublime metaphor for a great and comfortable embrace of energy and color. I am happy to have realized a dream with a dear friend and great artist, a passionate person and an infinite and concrete humanity that is able to “touch” in the smile and in the availability. Thank you so much Silvio! “

Anna Maria Alfani (President of the Pediatric Oncology Association and Neuroblastoma - OPEN - Onlus)

Dott. Luca Tagliaferri
“The solidarity of the families of the Asilo Gesù Divin Maestro of Rome and the talent of the Artist Silvio Irilli were the perfect elements to realize this ambitious project: a further step towards the humanization of Medicine”

Dott. Luca Tagliaferri (Oncology Radiotherapy - GEMELLI A.R.T. - Policlinico Gemelli Hospital - Rome)

“ABIO Novara has promoted this project with passion and has managed to realize this very challenging dream. But as children teach us, we did not want to give up !! Un bimbo al Pronto Soccorso Pediatrico ha diritto principalmente a cure e professionalità, ma anche, al tempo stesso ha bisogno di accoglienza, colore, fantasia, per alleviare un po’ la sua paura e la preoccupazione della sua famiglia, e per render più sereno anche il lavoro degli operatori sanitari. Siamo fieri di affermare che grazie ad ABIO NOVARA abbiamo colorato TUTTI INSIEME questo sogno, con il sostegno di tutto l’ospedale…. per accogliere i bambini al pronto soccorso! Un Mare di grazie speciali va a tutti gli sponsor e i sostenitori che hanno creduto con noi nel valore di questa magia. Grazie allo splendido lavoro dell’Artista SILVIO IRILLI, oggi il Pronto Soccorso Pediatrico di Novara è diventato un acquario colorato con tanti nuovi amici come delfini, tartarughe e pesci colorati che accoglieranno i piccoli pazienti con il sorriso”

Antonella Brianza (President Abio Novara Onlus)

Dott. Di Gennaro
The artist Silvio Irilli worked in the Radiotherapy Structure of Salerno, directed by me, with dedication and sensitivity, decorating in 2015 at first some rooms for the waiting room of the children to be treated, and the year after the bunker radiotherapy where the linear accelerator is housed and to a reception room for teenagers. The first room is decorated with soft colors and very delicate designs, intended to temper the anxiety of children and their families; the “young” environment is decorated with aquatic-type paintings, aimed at giving joy to live to older children, more adults and certainly fully aware of living a disease, while the actual bunker is decorated like an aquarium; this decoration serves to divert the attention of patients, of any age, from Radiotherapy equipment, which do not give them a great deal of tranquility. It is obvious that all these decorations serve to “humanise” nuclear environments and make the period of radiotherapy care acceptable, which can last even 2 consecutive months “.

Dott. Davide Di Gennaro (Director of Pediatric Radiotherapy Hospital of Salerno)

“In general, the Emergency Room is not a pleasant or welcoming place, especially when it comes to a Pediatric Emergency Room. It is therefore mandatory to make every effort to make it as child-friendly as possible. I would say that this effort has given results beyond any imagination: what Silvio Irilli has produced allows the child who accesses the hospital premises with understandable concern, when not distressed, to enter a dimension that could be called surreal, which undoubtedly possesses a strong anxiolytic effect and contributes in an important way to start the treatment process that represents the Hospital’s mission. “

Prof. Gianni Bona (Director of Pediatric Clinic - University Hospital Maggiore of Charity of Novara)

“Hi Silvio! I imagine you will receive a lot of messages like the one I am writing to you, but I really want to give you my compliments. I met you seeing your wonderful works on the walls of the Gemelli hospital .. These were difficult months in those departments and the cheerfulness and the carefree that you could transmit were fundamental to face everything with a smile. Thank you so much! “

Giulia (Gemelli Policlinico Hospital Patient - GEMELLI ART - Rome)