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The Forest of Wonders for the Neurorehabilitation of the Santa Lucia IRCCS Children's Centre

Every year, around 500 families start complex neurorehabilitation programmes at the Santa Lucia IRCCS in Rome, dedicated to children with serious pathologies such as infantile cerebral palsy, rare genetic diseases, neuromuscular diseases and other neurological impairments. The Infantile Neurorehabilitation Centre, in many cases attended on a daily basis, thus becomes one of the centres around which the lives of families are organised from the first months of the children's lives, for which the surrounding environment also plays a crucial role.

This is what inspired Silvio Irilli, founder of Ospedali Dipinti, to carry out the artistic restoration of the Centre's waiting room, which has now been transformed into a "Forest of Wonders", thanks to donations from the companies Swan, Dexco, Sial, Trade Art, Bizzaglia, Sanitas, Consis and Sogesi, brought together thanks to the valuable work of Leopoldo Tiberi.

This intervention will help health workers to stimulate the children's imagination and make the time spent by the children in the treatment rooms and their families in the waiting area as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

"I am happy to bring a new message of welcome to an Italian excellence such as the Fondazione Santa Lucia IRCCS. For the waiting room I thought of a scenario with nature, in which children can find characters and details of the history of Rome, with a central tree in 3D with a circular seat, to further characterise the work. I would like to thank the management and the president of the Fondazione Santa Lucia who, together with the companies, believed in this artistic project. From today, the children who will enter "the Forest of Wonders" in the Children's Neurorehabilitation Centre at Santa Lucia will have an environment closer to their dreams, which I hope will give them a smile.
Artist and Founder of Painted Hospitals
Our task as doctors and health workers is to meet the very high expectations with which families come to us," said Daniela Morelli, Director of the Centre for Infantile Neurorehabilitation at Santa Lucia IRCCS, "and in this regard art and creativity can be valuable allies for the neurorehabilitation team made up of doctors, neuro and psychomotility therapists of the age of development, speech therapists, psychologists and neuropsychologists. An aesthetically pleasing and stimulating environment increases children's adherence to therapy and motivates them to engage in the cognitive, motor and behavioural tasks set out in their personalised plan ".
Dr Daniela Morelli
Director of Child Neurorehabilitation
"Taking care of the person does not only mean dealing with infirmity, but also taking care of the sick person from a psychological and relational point of view: the creation of a space where well-being and welcome arise from respect for human dignity is the best ally for helping to overcome the state of illness'.
Dr Giorgio Casati
General Director of ASL Roma 2