The Radiotherapy bunker has become a large aquarium with paintings by the artist SILVIO IRILLI, who has decorated over 200 square metres of wall space in its entirety

A great work made possible thanks to the donation of the Open Onlus Association of Salerno in collaboration with theThirty Hours for Life Association.

For the young patients it will be like being surrounded by dolphins, turtles, fish, corals, imagining that they are in another dimension and inside the Aquarium Radiotherapy for children will be less scary.

Here are some images of the project conceived and created by the artist, inaugurated with an exceptional testimonial: Lorella Cuccarini.

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"Dear Silvio, you have succeeded in constructing a path of reassuring images, using art as a sublime metaphor for a large and comfortable embrace of energy and colour. I am happy to have realised a dream with a dear friend and great artist, a passionate person with an infinite and concrete humanity that you can "touch" in his smile and availability. Thank you very much Silvio! ”  

                                                                                                    Anna Maria Alfani (President of the Paediatric Oncology and Neuroblastoma Association - OPEN - Onlus)


"With the sounds and noises of the sea, radiotherapy in Salerno will be less scary. Thanks to your touch Silvio Irilli, for the young patients it will be like being surrounded by dolphins, turtles, fish and corals. My wish, my hope, is that by imagining themselves in another dimension, they will be able to cope with their treatment better and with a smile on their faces.

RITA SALCI, President of the non-profit organisation Associazione Trenta Ore per la Vita

Artwork donated by OPEN ONLUS with support from Thirty Hours for Life