"Compliments x these fabulous paintings ...but above all x the reason x why they are painted...only those who have a great❤ can do it. "Anna
"Bringing joy and a sense of relaxation to a place that can be an environment of anxiety and pain " Christian from Facebook
"Very good!! you know how to give wonderful moments even if the situation is not the best!! a child's smile is as beautiful as the sun. "Grazia from Facebook
"Thank you for this initiative... really in serious and dramatic moments they bring a little light ... Thanks for 💙💙💙💙💗💗💗💗💗 " Loredana from Facebook
" 👏👏👏👏 a window on the world, colours offer joy and hope " Paola from Facebook
" Waooooo they should all be like this in hospitals all over the world...... bring light, colour and happiness " Rosalba from Facebook
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Inauguration of the Paediatric Emergency Room of the A.O.U. Maggiore della Carità in Novara, with the presence of thePiedmont Regional Councillor for Health, Antonio Saitta.

Realized thanks to the donation of Abio Novara, the aquarium with dolphins, turtles and many colourful fish will be an important support for children, parents and doctors. 

So that the children's dream is not interrupted and can continue in a paediatric emergency room.

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