Bollate Prison


Thanks to Sopra Steria 's donation it has been possible to give a new welcome to children who will be able to be Free to Play with their parents in prison.

The work was donated by 

"We are at the end of a short but intense journey that has seen us travel a part of our lives together. It was only a year ago that we needed to do something to include prisoners with their problems in our journey. It has been a fantastic collaboration, because you have given us the opportunity to realise our ideas in a fantastic way. Thank you and have a nice life.
Stefania Pompili
Chief Executive Officer of Sopra Steria Italia
"It will be wonderful to see the expression on the children's faces the first time they enter these rooms. It will be even more wonderful to see the surprise of their parents who will be able to welcome them with such beauty. For us, too, who work there every day, it will be even nicer to be able to enjoy these colours and the magic of the stories they tell".
Cosima Buccoliero
Director of the prison house

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