An enchanted forest colours the Children's Hospital Paediatric Emergency Room

The over 300 square metre art installation was donated by the Chiesi Group to the Emergency Paediatrics of the Maggiore Hospital

The Paediatric Emergency Room of the Children's Hospital of Parma changes its face with the imagination of Silvio Irilli and the support of the Chiesi Group. The place of care has been transformed into an enchanted forest populated by small animals, butterflies, kites, hot air balloons and blue skies that open up the ceiling. Entrances, corridors, outpatient and inpatient rooms are decorated with landscapes and characters that accompany the young patients on a fantastic journey to banish their fears.



Hospitality Area


Patient rooms

"We are delighted that the Paediatric Emergency Room of the Hospital of Parma can now show itself with a new face, capable of bringing a smile to young patients, stimulating their curiosity and imagination," commented Alessandro Chiesi, Chief Commercial Officer of the Chiesi Group. "Chiesi is today the largest B Corp certified biopharmaceutical company, committed to improving the quality of life of people, their families and the communities in which it operates. We think of patients first and foremost as people and believe that the true concept of care goes far beyond drugs. This is an approach that distinguishes the Children's Hospital of Parma, where doctors and healthcare personnel work daily for the health of the youngest, putting their needs at the centre, a spirit in which we recognise ourselves and to which we want to contribute. I think, therefore, that Silvio Irilli's work tells precisely this: care also through settings and what they can convey'.
Chiesi Group
"It is with great pleasure that we present the Bosco in Corsia (Wood in the Wards), an initiative born from the creativity of Painted Hospitals and the sensitivity of Chiesi, which renews an ever-present closeness to the hospital of Parma. Moreover, this reinterpretation of the spaces and ceilings fits in perfectly with the principle of humanising the environments that has inspired the creation of the entire Pietro Barilla Children's Hospital, conceived to the measure of children and their parents in its colours, spaces and fittings.
Massimo Fabi
General Manager
"With this work, the children rediscover their World even in the Hospital in a difficult context such as the Emergency Room, which becomes a comfortable, relaxing environment with the idea of play together with historical elements of the area . Seeing the smiles on the faces of the first children who were admitted to the rooms that were first completed with the works of the artist IRILLI, was an incredible satisfaction for us ".
Dir. Paediatric Emergency Room
"With Il Bosco in Corsia (The Forest in the Ward), I wanted to create an emotional journey of over 300 square metres of wall surface, set, in fact, in a forest shining with the colours of nature. The ceiling "opens" onto the sky from which characters with musical instruments appear to greet and encourage with a "concert of emotions" the little patients who will make the route on stretchers. The walls enter the forest, with some characters observing with a smile, while others fly over the Ducal Palace and Parma Cathedral, the medieval castle of Torrechiara and the castle of Fontanellato, underlining the strong link between this hospital and its territory". "I thank the Chiesi Group for believing in and strongly wanting to bring the message of Painted Hospitals for the first time in Emilia Romagna and in the hospital of Parma. I thank Dr. Icilio Dodi, director of Emergency Paediatrics, and the entire management for having enthusiastically welcomed the art project. For me it is also a source of pride to be able to put my artistic message alongside the doctors, who from today will be able to welcome the little patients with an extra support of colour and imagination".
Artist and Founder of Painted Hospitals


Five months after the art installation, we returned for a salute, to the "forest in the ward."
Here is the experience Dr. Icilio Dodi, director of the pediatric emergency room, told us about.

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" Silvio IRILLI is the most extraordinary person I have met in terms of creativity! When a child is afraid, the only thing that matters is to eliminate his fear: SILVIO with his art has a magic wand, which with one touch makes it disappear!"
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