Novara Hospital

Paediatrics Department

Thanks to a donation from the ABIO NOVARA Association, the atrium of the paediatrics department has become a treasure island to welcome young patients with a smile.

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The artist SILVIO IRILLI with the President of ABIO NOVARA Antonella Brianza

"What is the face of joy and surprise? A mixture of wide, sparkling eyes, an immense smile, incredulous hands in front of my face... joy and surprise! Joy at having reached the end and seeing a project that had been thought out and studied for a long time finally come true. Joy that is amplified by the fact that it is not only mine, but will be of all those who will enter the ward and who will think they are in a colourful world... on a tropical island. Surprise because it is wonderful, even more than imagined and predictable. Silvio, you are a great artist... thanks to Painted Hospitals! " Antonella Brianza
Antonella Brianza
President of the ABIO Novara Association