"I imagine Nadia smiling beside each child in that rainbow of colours and fluid love! "Stefania from Facebook
" Thank you :thank you from a NADIA TOFFA😪❤️🎅🥂 fan " Ornella from Facebook
"This image of the ward is wonderfully beautiful, full of life, flair and imagination. A great help for those who have to learn to fight like a Marine warrior.... It is a dive of joy. Good life to all 💋 " Sonia from Facebook
" Congratulations on making this dream come true, who knows how happily Nadia will be up there. ❤❤❤❤❤ " Annamaria from Facebook
"Who better than she could represent Nadia's immense heart. With her imagination, her colours, her art and all her love, she expressed it divinely. Yes, just as she was. Divine in her love for others. "Nella from Facebook
" What a beautiful masterpiece, you have been great...giving colour and emotions to children who are suffering is a beautiful gesture of love 😍👏👏 " Antonella from Facebook
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SS Annunziata Hospital, Taranto


For the young patients, dolphins, turtles and lots of friends to ward off their fears

Thanks to the SIMBA Association, which involved local businesses and the citizens of Taranto and elsewhere in raising funds, it was possible to bring added value with the works created by the artist SILVIO IRILLI to the new paediatric oncohaematology department named after Nadia Toffa

An endless thank you to the wonderful people of the Simba Association Taranto . The colourful journey of Painted Hospitals continues!

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"You couldn't have done a better job of building the department named after my Nadia".

Margherita, mother of Nadia Toffa