CT Virtual Simulation Room of Oncology Radiotherapy at the Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS in Rome


"Leap into the Blue," an installation by artist Silvio Irilli, founder of OSPEDALI DIPINTI, that transforms the CT Virtual Simulation Room of Oncology Radiotherapy at the Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS in Rome into a fantasy world populated by sea creatures that will allow patients to create a supportive and escapist environment.

Presented the work "Leap into the Blue" by artist Silvio Irilli of Painted Hospitals. The theme of the painting is sea creatures; the work was created thanks to the important contribution of La Roche-Posay and in collaboration with theRomanini Association that follows all the initiatives related to the Art4ART project. For 10 years the artist Irilli has been collaborating with Gemelli within the "Art4ART" project ("Art for Advanced Radiotherapy" www.gemelliart.it) in the artistic realization of several radiotherapy treatment rooms: Aventine Room, Colosseum Room, Villa Adriana Room and Aquarius the one dedicated to children. The initiative involved the youngest children by inviting them to bring a drawing of a marine character to the pharmacy to be displayed at the point of sale. Among the many drawings of marine characters made by children, the beautiful drawing depicting marine octopuses was chosen, which artist Silvio Irilli integrated into the work "Leap into the Blue" on the walls of one of the rooms of the radiation oncology department, helping to transform it into a pleasant environment for young patients as well.

"La Roche-Posay's commitment to cancer patients began 25 years ago, and it is renewed every year with very concrete initiatives. On the one hand, it involves of our products that are also tested for cancer patients, and on the other hand with major awareness and education campaigns aimed at patients and caregivers. For the HOSPITALS PAINT project, which La Roche-Posay has been supporting for 2 years now, we try to make a difference for cancer patients, especially the youngest ones. Partnering with associations and experts such as physicians and pharmacists allows us to make a significant impact for patients."
La Roche-Posay General Manager
"The inauguration of the TC Simulation Room is part of a path undertaken more than 10 years ago with the Art4ART project, which has seen the creation of unique works within our treatment rooms to benefit adult and pediatric patients treated at Gemelli ART. Thanks to the contribution of La Roche-Posay and Silvio Irilli, who allowed us to enrich this path with a new work."
Prof. Maria Antonietta Gambacorta
Director of the Uoc Radiation Oncology Unit at Gemelli.
"The child is not just another patient. When he enters the hospital his dream is interrupted, fear takes over, fear of new people in white coats giving instructions and talking about treatment. If then the surroundings are anonymous everything becomes more difficult. That's why the work "Leap into the Blue" created for the "CT Room of Virtual Simulation of Radiation Oncology Therapy" was designed to give them the feeling of being on an island, where the leaping, smiling dolphins will welcome them, reassure them and thus allow doctors to concquer their "trust in color," enabling them to have an easier approach to children. To have integrated the drawing of the winning child in the work is, then, an additional message: a message of closeness between children, a hug to less fortunate peers. Many thanks to the Policlinico Gemelli Foundation, the Attilio Romanini Association, and La Roche-Posay, which has supported the Painted Hospitals project so passionately for the second year in a row."
Artist and Founder of Painted Hospitals

The work was donated by