Water therapy becomes emotional

Water therapy is an activity as the use of water and activities specially designed by qualified personnel to help restore, expand, maintain efficient and good quality function of people with chronic disabilities, syndromes, or acute or transient illnesses.


This type of therapy is used for various neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, including balance disorders, post-stroke effects, Parkinson's disease, brain injury, physical therapy, arthritis, and hydrokinesiotherapy.

Being in the water helps individuals strengthen the whole body with gentle, low-impact movements. This type of therapy can improve joint function, enhance motor coordination and balance, and, in general, independence in activities of daily living. Recreational and occupational therapy, physical therapy, exercise physiology, and massage are among the many health disciplines that offer this type of therapy.

To all this Painted Hospitals complements a message of welcome, of art, of emotion so that the patient can be "embraced" and supported psychologically as well.

We design spaces and environments That can create depth and give a moment of serenity. Themes can be developed with landscaping using the trompe l'oeil where historical details of the area can be incorporated.

It becomes even more important when a child faces a therapeutic journey, he will be able to experience new sensations and emotions within a context that will help him push away his fears, with the feeling of being inside his own world and in spite of everything, being able to face therapy in a playful form continue to dream. 

"Without water there would be no life, but in water there is wonderful life."

SILVIO IRILLI (Artist and Founder of Painted Hospitals)


All works are created by Artist SILVIO IRILLI, who is personally involved in creating, designing, layout and setting up the environments. The paintings and layouts are created in the studio and then printed on certified products, as if the work were painted 2 times, but this allows in a few days of transforming spaces and get the health workers up and running again right away. That is why when you enter a room created by artist SILVIO IRILLI, one has the feeling of entering a large fresco that gives serenity to adults. L 'Artist uses laboratories with great professionals, always up to date with the latest news that offers the digital printing market. All prints of the works of artist SILVIO IRILLI are reproduced on certified products such as adhesive pvc or forex panels with washable and sanitizable sanitizable surface. Set-ups can be done in full, partial or with paneling.

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