The Aquarium in Paediatric Intensive Care
for Padua Hospital

The Salus Pueri Foundation in collaboration with Painted Hospitals would like to thank all those who have contributed with a donation to the realisation of a Dream for the children of the Paediatrics Department of Padua Hospital.




The work is scheduled for delivery on 30 April 2021.

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Dreaming of colours in the paediatric intensive care unit

Dr. Cristina Zaggia from the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Padua Hospital, 

Campaign concluded, ready to cross the finish line!

We are really happy to be able to realise this wonderful work with the artist Silvio irilli, which will completely transform the new Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.
Thanks to your donations, the Christmas campaign and many other small initiatives activated during the past year, we have managed to achieve our goal, which will bring serenity and magic to the ward, accompanying the young patients and their families during the difficult journey they face.

Thanks again to everyone, keep following us because our dream is already taking shape and you will soon be able to admire it with us!


The work is scheduled for delivery on 30 April 2021.



Decorating a hospital ward is not just about decorating a room with images. It means bringing a message of welcome, of support to the doctors who have to follow the patient and accompany him for treatment. Above all, it means giving a little relief to patients who have to face a journey that requires courage and dignity. It becomes even more important when the therapy has to be carried out by children, who find themselves in a context that is outside their own world. It is important to recreate their world in a hospital ward, so that they can continue to dream. That's why every work we do has to interact with the children, telling them a story so that their therapy journey becomes a game.

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The Salus Pueri Foundation was the first, and still is, the only foundation in the Veneto region that supports paediatrics in Padua as a whole, seeking the good of all children and their families regardless of their illness.