Ospedali Dipinti® non è una Onlus o una Fondazione, ma è un progetto artistico a disposizione di Associazioni, Onlus, Fondazioni, Aziende o privati che vogliono Donare reparti dipinti a tema a strutture ospedaliere.
It all starts with a request from Policlinico Gemelli in Rome in 2012 to decorate a corridor in the radiation oncology department. The work was immediately successful with patients and a request from other hospitals began.
The artist immediately thinks of creating a dedicated project named Painted Hospitals® with a fundamental concept: to create the works only and exclusively with the contribution of people, sponsors, local companies or in collaboration with non-profit organizations and Foundations.
That is why the most beautiful and most important signature is not that of the artist, but of all those who, by contributing, feel part of a project of welcoming the patient and supporting the doctors by transforming the wards into an all-color dream. There are now more than 20 Italian hospitals that have joined the project where the artist has transformed one or more rooms into colorful worlds that young patients can interact with.

'Emotional environments', as the artist himself describes them, 'because the patient is above all a person'.

As of January 2021, Silvio Irilli, with the Painted Hospitals® project, has been commissioned by the Gaslini Hospital in Genoa to bring a new welcome to children with his artistic vision and transform pediatric environments. SILVIO IRILLI therefore thought of proposing a project entitled. GASLINI IN COLOR , a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and transform the wards of the halls. The first work was inaugurated in June, see the photogallery of the Gaslini Submarine


Decorating a hospital ward is not just about embellishing a room with pictures. 

It means bringing a message of welcome, of support to the doctors who have to follow the patient and accompany him for treatment. Above all, it means giving some relief to patients who have to face a journey where courage and dignity are needed. It becomes even more important when the therapy has to be faced by children, who find themselves in a context that is out of their World. It is important to recreate their World in a hospital ward, so that they can continue to dream. That is why every work I create must interact with the children, telling them a story so that their therapy journey becomes a game. For adults, on the other hand, the settings I create are all about enhancing the local area, so rich in history that it can take them into another dimension.


To join the Painted Hospitals® project, it is necessary to have a non-profit organization or Foundation, with which the hospital department collaborates, take charge of the initiative because hospitals and Healthcare do not spend a penny .The costs are financed by the non-profit associations, Foundations that collect donations through fundraising campaigns, or companies that sponsor the works.


"When I create a work for a paediatric ward, I think about an important aspect, which is how the doctor can win the trust of the child during treatment and therapy. When this happens, an interaction with the surroundings is created and the child listens more confidently to the doctor's instructions for therapy, conveying a message of peace of mind for the parents as well. In this image there is a hug, there are new friends, there is acceptance, helpfulness, but above all there is a lot of TRUST IN COLOURS'.

SILVIO IRILLI ( artist and creator of Painted Hospitals )


2009 - "Aquarium" corridor - Cardarelli Hospital of Campobasso

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