Mission accomplished! The games room in Paediatrics has been completed!

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It all started with the first part concerning the large walls, which were decorated by the artist SILVIO IRILLI, thanks to the third place prize in the north-west area of the competition organised in 2019 by the UNICREDIT FOUNDATION; the project, drawn up by Dr. Patrizia Marenco and Dr. Alberto Gaiero, Director of the S.C. Pediatrics and Neonatology Department, was supported by theCresc.i Association, which has always been a partner of Pediatrics for its care and training initiatives and supporter of numerous reception projects.

The second part of the project was completed thanks to the contribution of the Croce d'Oro association of Albissola, which, with a very successful fundraising campaign, also made it possible to create the seabed for the floor on which, for the first time in Italy, a table in the shape of a sailing ship rests, a unique sculpture, to enable the young patients to carry out play activities.

"Painted Hospitals" is an artistic project created by artist SILVIO IRILLI that is transforming Italian hospital wards, followed by millions of people on social networks and is continuously requested in health care facilities in cities from north to south, including the islands; it is one of the most beautiful Italian projects in the sector, also recognised by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

The project was sponsored by the city of Savona.

"With the fitting out of the Savona paediatrics playroom, created by Silvio Irilli with true skill and professionalism, we can really be proud of what we have planned, studied and created. The pandemic didn't help, but we made it through and after the summer, in agreement with the ASL2 management, the official inauguration will be organised in the most appropriate manner. Nothing is achieved by chance and therefore all those who have contributed to the realisation of the project: from Asl2 to Unicredit, from Cresc.i to Croce d'Oro, from those who have donated a few euros to those who have offered significant sums, all deserve a round of applause and a big thank you and will be duly thanked. But, of course, while Silvio was finishing his work, there were those who were providing assistance to the hospitalised children, those who were giving the first treatments in the paediatric emergency room, those who were busy in neonatology and neonatal pathology, those in the paediatric endocrinology and diabetology department, and the doctors, nurses, OSS, psychologist, educator and clown therapist who, with all the difficulties of these months, never failed to show their professionalism and passion. The results are always the result of teamwork, and in this sense Asl2 can say it has a great medical and nursing team at both poles. This is another reason why I am sure that this work will be a success.
Dr Alberto Gaiero
Director of the Paediatrics and Neonatology Unit
The Cresci Association was founded in 1995 by parents of children suffering from short stature and endocrine disorders. Since 1999, its aim has been to support all children suffering from paediatric diseases. The Association has obtained legal status and is registered in the Regional Register of Voluntary Organisations (ONLUS) of the Liguria region. The Cresci Association helps young patients in hospital free of charge. The credit goes to the donations and generous support it receives from companies and individuals.
President Cresc.i Association
"Our Association is by vocation very close to suffering people, especially children, and we were immediately enthusiastic about being able to collaborate actively in the realisation of the second part of this beautiful project. A heartfelt thank you to all those who, in such a difficult period, have supported the initiative with their many donations. We are certain that dreaming, even for a few moments, of living in an underwater world will help many young patients to overcome their fears.
President Croce d'Oro of Albissola Marina

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