Ss Trinità di Borgomanero Hospital (NO)

Emma's Garden for the Borgomanero Emergency Department is a reality!

Following a successful fundraising campaign, the work was delivered in record time for Christmas


Inauguration - statements

Borgomanero's paediatric emergency department has been given new colours to make the emergency/urgency area more welcoming and child-friendly, thanks to the support of theEmmaland Association. The work, inspired by nature, springtime and the fauna of the forest, entitled "Il Giardino di Emma" in homage to little Emma Simonotti, was created by Silvio Irilli, artist and founder of Ospedali Dipinti, an initiative set up in 2012 with the aim of giving colour, suggestions and dreamy images to the walls of paediatric and oncohaematology wards throughout Italy. The transformation of the outpatient department took place in record time. On 15 December the conclusion of the fundraising campaign with great success and participation, on 17 December the work was delivered! But it's not over yet. The donations continue to arrive because Ospedali Dipinti and the Emmaland association are ready to launch a second campaign for a second work.

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"It is a great satisfaction for me that the fundraising campaign launched by the Emmaland Association for the artistic transformation of the Paediatric Emergency Room at Borgomanero Hospital has been met with a great show of solidarity! I felt happy and honoured to have given body and images to the will of so many, and in particular to that of Claudia and Michele who were the first to imagine the work to give comfort and hope to children passing through the Emergency Department. And I admit that I learned a lot from the way they were able to transform a tragedy like the loss of their 4-year-old daughter into an act of love for so many sick children. I really hope that the fantastic scenery and the characters in the play 'Emma's Garden' will encourage the young patients, because every time we manage to make a child smile, Emma's smile will be part of it.
Artist and Founder of Painted Hospitals
"The Emmaland Association was set up to honour the precious memory of Emma who, during her brief but intense struggle against a particularly aggressive disease, showed everyone strength, courage and determination despite being four and a half years old.
These values, combined with the joy of living, have been the guiding principle of all our initiatives, and with "Painted Hospitals" and Silvio Irilli this has acquired even greater significance, creating a perfect harmony between art and emotions. The result of this meeting is "Il Giardino di Emma" (Emma's Garden), which we are honoured to be able to donate to the paediatric emergency department of the S.S. Trinità hospital in Borgomanero, which welcomed Emma at the beginning of her difficult journey".
Claudia and Michael
Emma's Mum and Dad (Emmaland Association)
"The restyling of the emergency room is once again a testament to the attention we pay to our young patients; in fact, the child often experiences entering the hospital with fear and anxiety. Creating, therefore, a child-friendly place of care is essential to distract him from what is happening around him and his feeling of fear, and it contributes , in addition, and to reduce the agitation of family members, allowing a more serene intervention by health workers."
Dr. Oscar Haitink
Director sc Pediatrics Neonatology
"Art plays a fundamental role in human life, it helps us to think, to understand better, to share emotions and feelings, it comes to our aid by making us less alone. Entering a health facility full of colourful images projects the patient into a completely different reality from the one he or she is facing. I would like to thank the Emmaland Association and the artist Silvio Irilli who have made it possible to create a space dedicated to young patients where creativity and imagination help improve the approach to the hospital".
Angelo Penna
General Director of the Novara Local Health Unit