A special donation in memory of Isabel, taken away by leukemia at age 16. She loved the sea and having portrayed her as a mermaid swimming to the light, hope, along with the smile of dolphins, will mean for Isabel's parents to stand by the doctors and young patients.

Brescia, May 2023.

It changes the face of waiting in the operating block of the ASST Spedali Civili of Brescia with "Isabel's sea "work created by Silvio Irilli of Painted Hospitals donated by the Pedretti family in collaboration with the ABE association.


Eight months after delivery, the feedback from doctors thanks to the work "Isabel's Sea" on children, including autistic children, has been surprising: the children after greeting the dolphins and turtles, enter the operating room more serene and with more courage!

"Isabel in 2010 at the age of 11 became ill with Leukemia LLA and thus began a difficult journey of treatment. We entered Pediatric Oncohematology at Spedali Civili di Brescia and after two years she was diagnosed as cured. Unfortunately, in April 2016, at the best time of her life, at 16 years of age, again signs of recurrence of the disease and after confirmation of a relapse we returned to the ward again. I will never forget that immense pain Isabel felt as she walked through that door. Her thoughts immediately went to the path of care she had to return to and she thought again about what she would again endure. She couldn't understand why children and young people like her had to endure, in addition to chemotherapy, waits for tests, fasting while waiting for anesthesia, the various stings and thus going to resuscitation where these are carried out safely, but unfortunately passing through the pediatric emergency room where the risk of contracting infections is enormous. So when unfortunately an infection hit Isabel in May during chemotherapy, I thought about what I could do to alleviate some of what she felt was unbearable. With her dad and the support of her brother, we decided, together with the community of Fonteno (BG), where Isabel grew up and lived, to create a project that would come to life in Isabel's name and her desire to help children in Oncohematology. And here we are, after seven long years, having created the fourth operating room of Pediatric Surgery the "D" and brought to the waiting room of the block that Sea that Isabel adored and in which children and young people can dream and, at least for a few minutes, not think about the disease. Thank you Silvio for creating this beautiful Sea and making my Isabel beautiful and free to the light❤️ you are a special person ❤️"
Katy Plebani
Isabel's mom
"Meeting Katy (Isabel's mom), hearing her tell her daughter's story, learning about her wish that I could interpret Isabel's passion with the theme of the sea moved me. So I imagined her as a mermaid, swimming in the seabed together with dolphins, towards the rays of light filtering through the water: an image that holds the hope that other children or teenagers will win their battle against major diseases. My thanks go out to the strength of Katy and her family, to A.B.E., to the hospital for all the helpfulness, and to all those who have helped support the "Isabel's Sea" project: from today, if looking at this work, an emotion or a smile will be born on the faces of hospitalized children, we will have all done something special together."
Artist and Founder of Painted Hospitals

We would like to thank Ass. ABE for their valuable cooperation