Padua, March 5, 2023. Brushstrokes of magic and beauty, to help make the passage in the hospital a child-friendly walk: the Veneto Oncology Institute presents "The forest in a room," the new art installation by Silvio Irilli, talented artist founder of "Painted Hospitals" who, thanks to the support of the Castorina Ceolin Foundation, has transformed the playroom of the IOV Radiotherapy of
Padua into a fantastic forest, inhabited by enchanted characters that will allow children to travel with their imagination even while they are in the hospital environment. So here is an "enveloping" room,made in an immersive way: the walls, the ceiling, but also the openings (doors and windows) are part of the work, so that during the moments of waiting for therapy, children can feel part of a fairy tale. 

"It is with great pleasure that we welcome this double "gift," which comes to us from the skill of artist Irilli and the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Castorina. We can only thank both of them - stresses the Director General of IOV - IRCCS, Patrizia Benini - for giving birth to a communion of intentions with IOV: being welcoming and giving serenity. Their ability on the one hand to give and on the other to infuse vitality and energy with the designs and color of the works, allowed them to create a journey of colors and suggestions, which will immediately benefit the children, their families, and our operators: Because the gaze that rests on enchantment is good for everyone, at any age."
Dr. Patrizia Benini
IOV General Manager of Padua
"We are continuing our collaboration with the Veneto Oncology Institute, having the game room and the outpatient clinic, and then, at the end of the year, also painting the bunker where therapies are carried out," explains Paolo Castorina president of the Castorina Ceolin Foundation, which promotes the activity of research scientific and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases, both adult and child. That is why it decided to donate to the Veneto Oncology Institute the realization of this project intended for the reception of the ward's young patients, helping to transform its hall playroom into a child-friendly environment, an enchanted forest. "We do not have children," adds his wife Carla Ceolin - and we have grown very fond of IOV over the years. In short, it's a little bit our child."
Carla Ceolin and Paola Castorina
Castorina Ceolin Foundation
"I extend heartfelt thanks to the Castorina Ceolin Foundation for the great and immediate interest it has shown toward the "Painted Hospitals" project and for the great will with which it wanted to bring this project within the radiotherapy department," says artist Silvio Irilli. "This is a very, very delicate department, in which the child is required to be completely immobile so that the accelerator can intervene with great precision on the tumor cells. Welcoming him into an environment that traces his childhood dreams is a great psychological help to put him in a position to banish fears and face treatment with serenity. So a big thank you also goes to the Veneto Oncology Institute for being willing to host this hosting project, and for the great efficiency, great operation and impeccable helpfulness with which it hosted us."
Artist and Founder of Painted Hospitals