Marco is a very sweet baby, born on December 25, 2008, suffering from a serious genetic disease to date the only case in the world, so rare that it does not have a name but a code 1q41.12. The disease has caused him a serious malformation of the brain, kidney and the entire urinary tract and for this reason he has already undergone numerous operations. In spite of everything, however, Marco is a happy child, always ready to give you a smile--just like in the best fairy tales. This will happen thanks to Marco's Fairy Tale Association 1q41.12 ONLUS, in the waiting room, the Triage room and the medical room of the Pediatric Emergency Room in Cuneo so that it welcomes little patients with a smile.


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"Arrival in the hospital is always a difficult time, for everyone but especially for children. Marco's Fable Onlus has promoted an initiative to make it (at least a little) more serene: the artist of "Painted Hospitals" has transformed the rooms of the Pediatric Emergency Room of St. Cross into a fairy-tale world. There are green hills and enchanted castles, curious animals, blue skies ... and even Marco -the child from the Fable- portrayed smiling on the wall of the waiting room. It will also be nice for the staff to start their shift in such a cozy environment!"
Dr. Eleonora Tappi
Director of Pediatrics, Santa Croce and Carle Hospital in Cuneo, Italy.
"For us, pediatrics in Cuneo is a second home and it is a source of great pride to have created this work in the emergency room. Seeing Marco painted also moved us a lot ... by now we feel a strong bond with this hospital and as a nonprofit we want to at least try to lift some of the emotional burden of all those children facing hospitalization. Even just for once, the idea of having a place made just for them and that can take away some of their fear is a wonderful thing."
Silvia Errico
President Ass. La Favola di Marco 1Q41.12 Onlus
"From today, there is a special smile in the emergency room in Cuneo: Marco's smile that will reach the children by descending from a rainbow, and in the waiting room it is surrounded by an environment surrounded by nature full of characters, rainbows, and castles. I wanted to depict Marco's smile as a moment of joy and have the work continued in the two outpatient clinics as well to give support to the doctors during visits."
Artist and Founder of Painted Hospitals


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