Gemelli ART - Gemelli Hospital, Rome

Sala di Radioterapia Pediatrica Aquarius

A large work of over 300 square metres created by the artist SILVIO IRILLI.

When the young patients enter the corridor, they will dive into the seabed where they will meet many friends to encourage them such as dolphins, turtles and colourful fish.

They will then enter the room where the accelerator has become a submarine where they will find a set of controls, radar, a treasure map and their most important challenge will begin.

Thanks to donations from non-profit organisations, companies and thousands of people from all over Italy and abroad, it will be less scary for young patients to have therapy.

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AFTER - Construction of the Paediatric Radiotherapy Room


From the corridor the young patients enter the submarine to become brave captains.

"I hope this wonder will brighten the days of the children and help them in their suffering." Nina from Facebook
"Congratulations! Colour is Life when we're in hospital we all need colour to ease the suffering!!!! thank you " Patrizia from Facebook
"Wonderful to give young patients and adults alike a bit of lightness and colour, to bring a bit of light to their hearts " Maria from Facebook
"Congratulations, you are very good, you give JOY to those who do not know it anymore " Gloria from Facebook
"Very good. Well done! Enriching spaces with creative images certainly helps to move beyond suffering. Children, and we adults too, need colours! "Daniela from Facebook
" Wonderful❤... all children's hospitals should be so full of colour and fantasy.... super artist " Giovanna from Facebook
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