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The radiation therapy bunker at the IOV of Padua becomes a large aquarium

Islands of coral, colorful fish, seahorses and starfish, shells. Rays of light filter from the surface and illuminate the teeming but peaceful underwater life, with its inhabitants swimming serenely juggling columns and the remains of an underwater city. An extraordinary immersive emotional journey that distracts and at the same time engenders confidence. It is "The Light of Corals," the wonderful work of artist Silvio Irilli, created last weekend and inaugurated this morning:the Radiotherapy bunker of the Veneto Oncology Institute in Padua, which houses the TrueBeam linear accelerator that treats pediatric patients in particular, has been transformed into a large aquarium, donated to the IOV for Christmas by the "Castorina - Ceolin" Foundation.

"Radiotherapy is a very delicate department, where total immobility is required during treatments so that the accelerator can intervene with great precision on cancer cells. Welcoming patients, especially little ones but also adults, in an environment that transports their thoughts to a world of serenity is a great psychological help to put them in the most favorable conditions to banish fears and face treatments. It is therefore with great pleasure that we welcome this double "gift," which comes to us from the skill of artist Irilli and the generosity of our supporters: their ability on the one hand to donate and on the other to infuse vitality and energy with the drawings and color of the works, have made it possible to create a journey of colors and suggestions, from which all patients, especially children, their families, and our operators will immediately benefit: because the gaze that rests on enchantment is good for everyone, at any age."
"After the happy experience last March, we are continuing our collaboration with the Veneto Oncology Institute by having the bunker where the treatments are carried out painted," which promotes scientific research activities and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases, both of adults and children, and has subsidized the work. "We don't have children," added his wife Carla Ceolin, "and we have become very fond of IOV in recent years; in short, the Veneto Oncology Institute is a little bit our child."
Carla Ceolin and Paolo Castorina
Castorina Ceolin Foundation
"I created "The Light of Corals" thinking of combining rays of light - a symbol of hope - and colorful corals, which have always given the eye emotion, positivity, calm and strength. The goal is to create an emotional environment that allows a more serene enjoyment of the moment of radiotherapy, facilitating its performance especially in the case of child patients.
My thanks go first of all to the "Castorina - Ceolin" Foundation, which again wanted to involve me in their desire to give the hospital and especially the Radiotherapy Department a new colorful and welcoming face. And, of course, also to all the staff of the Veneto Oncology Institute and the general director Patrizia Benini for their great willingness and strong enthusiasm with which they welcomed this project."
Silvio Irilli
Artist of Painted Hospitals