"One of the many wards where my life was saved, where I met so many fantastic people. Finally this new ward, so colourful, will be able to welcome so many children and young people who are fighting for life! A huge thank you to those who work there, you are magnificent, I will carry you in my heart, always.🙏🏻❤ " Gloria from Facebook
" Our little Heroes will no longer be bored by seeing the usual white ceiling when they wake up! 👶😍 " Emanuel from Facebook
"In those rooms one spends endless hours full of hope. These paintings will certainly help to give a little glimmer of lightheartedness, a feeling that is really far away at certain times. "Alessandra from Facebook
"How wonderful so they can daydream and have the strength to go and always look FORWARD🌻" Mariangela from Facebook
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A Sea of Emotions in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

The Salus Pueri Foundation, in collaboration with Ospedali Dipinti, would like to thank all those who have contributed with a donation to the realisation of a Dream for the children of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of Padua Hospital.

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"It's like entering a magical world, thinking that we are in intensive care...the feeling of peace, surrounded by water with those magnificent dolphins accompanying you. I hope that the effect it had on me is the same as it will have on our children and parents. I am sure that tension and pain will be mitigated by this wonder. Thank you Silvio! "
Dr Andrea Pettenazzo
Director of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
"What a thrill! A dream come true!
The dream of a lifetime dedicated to children who, for various reasons, have to face difficulties, sometimes pain, sadness and loneliness at such a precious and delicate time in their lives. This project fulfils the need to give relief to children and parents, to alleviate the loneliness one feels when life asks one to face difficult times. But this project also fulfils the need to care for those you care for, every day, with a spirit of dedication in the physical effort, but also in feeling the suffering of those you care for! Grateful to Silvio, to the Foundation and to the universe that set all this in motion! "
Dr Cristina Zaggia
nurse coordinator paediatric intensive care unit

Dreaming of colours in TIPED

The corridor and patient rooms

"The meeting with Silvio has enabled us to realise a great dream of ours: to recreate a fairy-tale world in a delicate paediatric ward, such as the intensive care unit, that gives children and their families relief, serenity and courage to face and overcome the period of hospitalisation. As a Foundation, we would also like to thank all the donors who took part in the fundraising campaign, because it is mainly thanks to them that we can continue to work to make the hospital more and more child-friendly".
President Salus Pueri Foundation
"I am happy to bring the Painted Hospitals project to the Veneto region for the first time, to the Padua hospital for a special ward, the paediatric intensive care unit, where the young patients need support, lots of strength and courage. I hope that transforming the ward with the theme of the sea will bring some serenity to the families, become an important support for the doctors, and that the children will find new friends to encourage them in the smiles of the dolphins and turtles. I would like to thank the head physician, Dr. Pettenazzo, and Dr. Cristina Zaggia for accepting the project with such enthusiasm. A special thank you to the Salus Pueri Foundation, whose fund-raising campaign financed the work thanks to the contributions of businesses and local people. Every time we manage to put a smile on the faces of hospitalised children, we will have done something special together.
Artist and Founder of Painted Hospitals

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