On 13 November, the Paediatric Emergency Room of the A.O.U. Maggiore della Carità in Novara was inaugurated, with the presence of the Piedmont Regional Councillor for Health, Antonio Saitta. Created thanks to a donation from Abio Novara, the aquarium with dolphins, turtles and lots of colourful fish will be an important support for children, parents and doctors. Because the Dream of the [...]

The Games Corner for the Waiting Room

Sometimes a world full of colour and imagination can be hidden behind a wall. All you have to do is break through it and... oplà, that's what the children will see while waiting for treatment at the Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori in Milan. Painted by artist SILVIO IRILLI and set up in 4 hours Watch the Gallery

An Aquarium for Salerno Hospital

Salerno, May 2017 :: The Radiotherapy bunker has become a large aquarium with paintings by artist SILVIO IRILLI, which have integrally decorated over 200 square metres of surface area. A great work made possible thanks to the donation of the Open Onlus Association of Salerno in collaboration with the Trenta Ore per la Vita Association. For the young patients will be [...]

Hadrian's Villa painted at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome

The artist has completed the great work for the bunker of the Policlinico Gemelli hospital in Rome, which has become Villa Adriana. The corridor with the path of the Canopus with the sculptures accompanying the patient in the Villa of the Island surrounded by water. See the complete gallery  

Regina Margherita Hospital, Turin

Turin, November 2016 :: After a long wait, one of the greatest works of art ever created for a hospital has arrived at the Regina Margherita in Turin. Realized thanks to donations collected by the Association Io sto con il Regina Margherita onlus, it is called" Via del Bosco Incantato " the new acceptance area of the Regina Margherita Infantile Hospital: about 140 metres [...]

Policlinico Gemelli Hospital, Rome "The Garden of Dreams".

The children's waiting room has become a landscape full of colour, fantasy, magic, animated by a series of characters. The entire work was made possible thanks to donations from people, then created, designed, painted in the artist's studio and then applied to the walls and ceiling.

Paediatric Radiotherapy Department inaugurated

Salerno, May 2016 :: inaugurated the Paediatric Radiotherapy Ward, where the artist's works have decorated the playroom, the corridor and the wards. A great work made possible thanks to the donation of the Ass. Open Oncologia Pediatrica with the contribution of: UNICREDIT, Ass. TRENTA ORE PER LA VITA, LA BUONA NOTTE, FONDAZIONE CARISAL, MARCO [...]