Via del Bosco Incantato

It is called " Via del Bosco Incantato " and was created thanks to donations collected by theAssociation IO STO WITH REGINA MARGHERITA ONLUS.

Donations made it possible to decorate about 140 square metres of the walls and windows of the Regina Margherita acceptance area in Turin

transformed into a naturalistic, spring-like landscape, populated by friendly animals. 

Today, Via del Bosco Incantato gives you a sense of lightness and serenity, the feeling of entering a fantasy park, full of colours, characters and magic.


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"We, from the onlus Io sto con il Regina Margherita, had a wish: to be able to accompany by the hand and reassure all the children in their first impact with the hospital. We are convinced that we have granted this wish by giving them the magic of Silvio Irilli's colours.
The flowered avenues of the Enchanted Wood, populated by tender little animals, stimulate the children's imagination and transport them to a fairy-tale world, more reassuring and serene. It helps them to keep on dreaming".
Roberta Bona
Associazione Io sto con il Regina Margherita Onlus